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Support the Polish guy who has created innovative project – SuperMarket3D

SuperMarket3D is a very innovative project created in the UK that can revolutionise the way you do the shopping soon. Now we encourage you to support this idea by voting at . Long link: . This is the link of the pitch related to SuperMarket3D in the startup competition #VOOM Pitch 2018. 

Support the Polish guy who has created innovative project – SuperMarket3D

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Time is running out. The public vote closes on 15 May at 7pm.

Please support the guy who has created it in order to speed up its development. Please vote and share it with anyone who could be interested in 3D/VR shops, 3D/VR shopping centres or 3D/VR product catalogues. This concept is really worth supporting.

Please watch the video presenting SuperMarket3D, read the description and give it a vote it deserves.

Check also its facebook page:

SuperMarket3D is a reinvented 3D/VR product catalogue and shopping platform where visual pleasure matters and your time is well spent in beautiful scenes of nature e.g. mountains or other interesting places. SuperMarket3D is also about efficiency of shopping in terms of time spent and effort. This concept connects the advantages of the online and physical world.

Download demo of SuperMarket3D

The demo of SuperMarket3D is available at the following link:

(Windows, 887MB)

Before downloading, I encourage you to watch the pitch video presenting SuperMarket3D.

Please watch the video to see an example of a product catalogue and how future 3D/VR shops and shopping centres could look like.


SuperMarket3D and retail sales

In 2017, total global retails sales amounted to around 23.45 trillion US dollars (according to and e-commerce sales to 2.3 trillion. SuperMarket3D tries to utilise advantages of both e-commerce (online shops) and physical retail market (physical stores). According to, both markets will grow and in 2021 e-commerce sales are estimated to reach 4.88 trillion US dollars. SuperMarket3D aims to get a share in this huge market by creating 3D/VR product catalogues, 3D/VR shops and 3D/VR shopping centres. Once 5G is available, which will increase the speed of online downloads, SuperMarket3D should become a one huge 3D/VR shopping area with entertainment spaces too. It should have advantages of the online and physical world (e.g. it will have a search capability and normal 3D/VR shops resembing the physical ones).

What SuperMarket3D promises

  1. SuperMarket3D will improve your shopping experience:
    • It will reduce the time spent for reviewing and looking for products.
    • It will expose your eyes to beautiful views whilst shopping.
    • It can give you a similar experience as in shopping centres without the need to spend a lot of time on your feet. Moving hundreds of meters can be achieved by just one touch or click.
  2. Apart from apps based on SuperMarket3D technology, at some point there will be also an online usual multi-vendor shopping service (a website at; see planned phases of SuperMarket3D below).
  3. The basic version of SuperMarket3D can be used as a very modern version of a product catalogue that will stand out from other flat electronic or paper forms. Any company can order such a catalogue. Once it’s done, video demos can be ordered too that don’t require any app installation. Streaming videos is also quick. Such 3D product catalogues can be embedded easily into bigger SuperMarket3D apps containing other products and companies.
  4. SuperMarket3D can bring nice places to your eyes while you are shopping. Every time you shop, SuperMarket3D can take you to some beautiful places like mountains, oceans, seas or any nature sites. Shopping shouldn’t mean only shopping. Currently, it means spending your precious life time in a very ineffective way. You just shop and that’s it. Imagine you could shop surrounded by nature and mountains in a sunny day… You don”t need to build a shopping centre there. All you need is to use SuperMarket3D.
  5. SuperMarket3D aims to bring beatiful views to your everyday life. In SuperMarket3D you will see more nice places in your life time and it will happen as often as you do shopping.




6. Search results will be presented in a 3D form, which will give you a very quick overview of hundreds or thousands of products in a 3D space instead of a flat page with a limited amount of information. It will give you also a very efficient way of moving around those products, zooming them in or out and flying from one to another. Those products don’t have to be created as 3D models. They can be just photos.




7. SuperMarket3D is designed for VR and AR (Augmented Reality) is also considered. Virtual Reality is becoming more and more popular, so you should have a chance to use it whilst shopping.

8. In SuperMarket3D you can have also virtual tours of beatiful places. The shopping area can consist of many panoramas of differerent places. Some of those panoramas could be taken in the same area in the physical world. This means that some of them can be used to create VR tours. SuperMarket3D aims to reuse panoramas from the trading area in VR tours. This means that practically no extra data needs to be downloaded in order to create a virtual tour.




9. SuperMarket3D will speed up reviewing products in a usual way. In a physical world you spend hours walking from one shop to another, from one product to another, from one shopping centre to another and so on. In SuperMarket3D moving in 3D space is very efficient. One touch or click can “teleport” you to a place far away in a similar way as in physical world, but much faster. In SuperMarket3D you can learn the surroundings the same way as in physical world. Once you know it, it’s easier to move around, but in SuperMarket3D it is much more efficient. It also gives other options like searching for products and displaying them in a 3D space.

10. In SuperMarket3D you will be able to both search products in a similar way as in an online shopping service, and walk around SuperMarket3D space like in a shopping centre. This concept connects online and physical worlds together nicely.

11. SuperMarket3D brings advirtising opportunities for companies. As in a physical shopping centre, in 3D space you can have ads and promotional materials. But in SuperMarket3D it’s better because you are not limited by e.g. gravity. Hence you can have ads anywhere if you wish. But because SuperMarket3D is also to improve shopping experience, the place of any ad will always be carefully chosen in order not to destroy it.

12. SuperMarket3D gives companies an opportunity to become an ad space seller in their product catalogs based on SuperMarket3D technology. Companies can sell ads to be placed in 3D space to companies that don’t provide competitive products or services. 4AI with its Adverts3D service can help to provide and embed ads in companies’ 3D catalogs.

13. Many product catalogs based on SuperMarket3D technology can be combined together to create bigger complexes.

14. SuperMarket3D is aimed to be an online app soon or later. In 5G era the transfer speed will not be a problem any more. Until then, SuperMarket3D apps can be fully or partially offline. The contents will be downloaded mainly during app installation or update. Oflline space can be sold or rented. Different places in SuperMarket3D can have different prices, which can depend e.g. on how likely it is the user will get to a specific point.

15. SuperMarket3D goal is to avoid any download lags. That’s why even in 5G era some content will probably be still offline – downloadable during installation or update.

16. Because of its nice visual experience, SuperMarket3D can be used to record many nice promotional videos that will increase the effectiveness of the SuperMarket3D app for promotion. They can also help the user to get a quick overview of a given app, its products and companies. Before 5G era, such videos could be potentially used to get an overview of a shop before downloading its content into SuperMarket3D. This can help to avoid downloading a lot of data in case of big shops.

17. SuperMarket3D technology can be used to create informational and promotional materials e.g. to anounce a new product. Such materials are often flat and look similarily. Now it can change.

18. In SuperMarket3D you will be able to have bookmarks, which will help you to move quickly between favoured places.

19. By supporting SuperMarket3D, you will support also the project Mount3D/MountainsVR, which uses the technology behind SuperMarket3D. This means that as a result new beautiful panoramas of mountains can be taken and used in SuperMarket3D.

20. SuperMarket3D can mean also having fun whilst shopping. At some point SuperMarket3D will be full of different, usually simple games.

21. SuperMarket3D is aimed to work on different platforms, e.g. Windows, Android, iOS, macOS.

  1. macOS.


Planned phases of the SuperMarket3D project

  1. All SuperMarket3D content is downloaded during installation or update. It’s the current state. Such model can be used either to create product catalogs of one company or create bigger 3D shopping centres consisted of many companies. In case of large volume of data, this model is especially useful for desktop computers. However e.g. lower resolution mobile versions can be created easily or with less content.It’s up to customers if e.g. extra information is provided apart from images. In the simplest scenario, every product would have an associated link to a company’s website or to the online website version of SuperMarket3D.
  2. SuperMarket3D online website is created – a multi-vendor shopping service. Initially, it will be based on ready to use and cheap WordPress templates or another similar technology.
  3. Some content will be downloadable e.g. blocks of a 3D space (that can include one or many 3D shops). This can also include current prices, product descriptions and links to product websites. Buy/Sell option will be available if the customer creates its shop within the SuperMarket3D online multi-vendor service (at Other options will be considered.
  4. Some simple games will be embedded in SuperMarket3D to bring those who like having fun whilst shopping.
  5. In 5G era potentially all content can be downloaded from internet.
  6. Integration of SuperMarket3D apps into one common 3D/VR app.
  7. Release of the AR version (this phase can be sped up potentially).

Meet the founder of SuperMarket3D & 4AI



Daniel Onyszczuk, CEO & Founder

Taking 360 panoramas have been my sport and hobby for quite a while. Now I want to share them with the world by realising some of my business ideas like SuperMarket3D. Another one of them is Mount3D/MountainsVR dedicated purely to 3D/VR tours of mountains. It doesn’t mean I stop here. VRMars3D will “teleport” you to Mars soon. Stay tuned for further information.

Further information

More information at and soon at .

The demo is best viewed in 1080p60. It contains content related to the following businesses: 4AIRugs of LondonSHOP4GAS and FEEBUSTER.

The demo of SuperMarket3D is available at the following link:

(Windows, 887MB)



Paulina Markowska

Uwielbia latać na paralotni, czuć wiatr we włosach i patrzeć na świat z dystansu. Fascynuje ją historia Wielkiej Brytanii sięgająca czasów Stonehenge i Ring of Brodgar. W każdej wolnej chwili eksploruje zakątki tego kraju, który nieustannie ją fascynuje. A fascynacją tą ‘zaraża’ też kolegów i koleżanki w redakcji:) Pochodzi z Wrocławia i często tam wraca, jednak prawdziwy dom znalazła na Wyspach i nie wyobraża sobie wyjazdu z tego kraju, dlatego szczególnie bliskie są jej historie imigrantów, Polaków, którzy także w tym kraju znaleźli swój azyl.

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