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The Biggest Lotto Wins on Lottoland

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The Biggest Lotto Wins on Lottoland

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Lottoland, one of the biggest lotto betting providers in the UK, has witnessed several lucky individuals win millions on its lottery betting platform since its inception in 2013. This award-winning lotto betting company provides an online platform for people to bet on various international lotteries’ results worldwide.

In essence, participants don’t play the actual (official lottery draws) on Lottoland but instead predict the winning numbers, hoping to win the actual jackpot prize. That said, here is a list of Lottoland’s biggest jackpot payouts to date.

  • €90 Million In 2018

In 2018, a 36-year-old office cleaner named Christina from Berlin, Germany, was lucky enough to scoop a whopping €90 million in EuroJackpot. What’s fascinating about this win is that Christina hit the jackpot on her second bet at Lottoland.

Christina stated that she was so happy because she could afford to look after her mother and the rest of the family. The mum is said to have helped Christina choose the lucky numbers, which included 14, 19, 21, 30, 32, and two Euro numbers 4 and 7.

Immediately after realising they had won the Jackpot, Christina quit her job, woke her mother (who was already asleep because it was at night) and spent the rest of the night planning how they would spend the money.

  • €22 Million In 2016

The second Lottoland jackpot payout of all time went to a winner named Mathias in April 2016. Mathias’ wife is said to have selected the winning numbers on the German Lotto.

While Mathias chose to remain anonymous after the win, he revealed his plans to quit his job.
He also noted that he would buy himself a new Ferrari in classic red, sort out his mortgage, and donate some of the money.

  • €14 Million In 2016

In February 2016, another lucky individual from Germany broke Lottoland’s previous record of €4 million after winning €14 million on German lotto, 6AUS49. The winner, who was only identified as Michael, also requested that his identity remain anonymous.

However, according to reports from Lottoland, Michael was described to be a modest family man and wanted to enjoy his newfound wealth in private. He also noted that he intended to continue working because the win wouldn’t change who he was.

  • €4 Million In 2015

Before “Michael” broke Lottoland’s jackpot record in 2016, another anonymous winner from Germany had hit €4 million on the Spanish Christmas Lottery in 2015. Also known as Spain’s El Gordo, the Spanish Christmas Lottery normally takes place on the 22nd of every December.

Being one of the largest lottery games globally, the winner is said to have formed a syndicate consisting of his wife and three friends in an attempt to hit the jackpot. The group pooled their money together, and they are believed to have shared the prize between themselves, with each member pocketing around £560,000.

  • €3.2 Million in 2016

In March 2026, an Italian native identified as Mario managed to match 6 numbers and the bonus ball on the German Lotto to pocket €3.2 million. The lucky winner reportedly planned to move his family back to Italy, where he would enjoy his newfound wealth while managing his rural farm.

  • €2.9 Million in 2015

Thanks to Lottoland for giving people a platform to bet on the Polish Lotto online from the UK, a truck driver named Adam from Midlands became a lucky winner of 2.9 million in 2015. Michael spent 60p on his winning ticket and is said to have been playing his favourite lotteries via Lottoland’s official app for fun while at work.

The check was presented at his party in London, where the lucky winner noted that he had a dream of driving a big truck of his own since childhood. He also hinted at pursuing other childhood dreams despite enjoying truck driving for the better half of his adult life.

Final Thought

Lottoland is able to pay such huge jackpot hits because it partners with leading insurance companies, who settle the big payouts in case they are won. To further guarantee its ability to pay huge jackpots and to stay compliant, Lottoland is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, which confirms the company’s financial strength and reliability.

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