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Polish sex business in the UK

As an old Polish proverb says, no job is beneath you. You’re in great luck if you do what you like and get paid for it. Not all emigrants work beneath their qualifications and not all of them equate working with constant stress. The women I interviewed simply assumed: “If I have what men want and if they are ready to pay for it, then why shouldn’t I benefit from it?” Business is business…

Polish sex business in the UK


Many of us who visit Poland for the holidays have probably been asked questions like: How are you doing? How much do you earn? Many times – especially men – ask: “Is it true that Polish women are easy abroad?” Probably not all of them are easy, but I decided to talk with those who are, and – what is more – they are not ashamed of it, as they have turned it into a tidy profit.


My first interviewee is a 23 year old. She does what has recently become very popular. Sex shows on the internet for money. Needless to say, Anna is not her real name. Although I am not looking for the services she offers, I still need to pay for the chat. Time is money, and Anna does not want to waste time.

“So why do you do it?”
“Why not? Would you rather I worked 12 hour shifts in factories like most of my friends? I have always liked showing off my body. I liked bragging about it, ’cause I can do it as long as I’m young, and when I’m old no one will want to look at me.”
“Aren’t you worried that your family in Poland will find out about what you do?”
“I’m an adult and it’s my business. I send them the money and they’re all happy, they don’t ask what I do and I’m not going to tell them anyway.”
“How much do you get?” 


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“What, are you, HM Revenue? I’m not complaining and I have more money than my friends who slave away in factories for 12 hours each day. When I see them coming home knackered, I can say that I’m in a much better position. I pay my part of the rent, I send money to the family and can afford pretty much everything. When I lived in Poland, we were never well off, so I said to myself: ’I’ve had enough of being poor. I want to start living!’”
“You’re a young woman. Haven’t you ever thought that sooner or later you will want to start a family and the things that you do now will prevent you from finding a boyfriend who would want to marry you?

“I don’t think about it. You need to live here and now. And besides, I’m not doing anything wrong. Every man – though there are also women who want to see me play in front of the camera – likes to look at a nice young body. There are many single blokes for whom I’m the only entertainment, and I simply take advantage of that. OK, time to wrap it up. I have a client up next. See ya!”



Grażyna came to England 6 years ago. Her husband works in a factory and has no idea what his wife does.
“How do you find clients?”

“I put up announcements on the internet, and sometimes, if my client is satisfied, he’ll recommend me to his friends and business thrives.”
“How much do you take for your services?”
“It Depends. I take less from Polish guys and more from blacks, and obviously you have to pay extra for special stuff.”
“You’re a patriot, I see. Giving a discount to compatriots?”
“Yeah, ’cause they’re good lovers. I take 100 pounds from blacks, and 150 for an animal.” 

“Yeah. A guy comes with a dog, I play with the animal and the guy’s watching.”
“Is it how you used to work in Poland?”
“Yeah. In Poland I would earn around 2,000 PLN a month, and here I have 3-4 clients a week on average, so I make quite a lot.”
“How do you do it so that your husband doesn’t find out? Doesn’t he ask where you get your money from?”

“My husband doesn’t ask me anything. I also don’t ask him where he goes, and that’s how we live. We don’t have kids, so we both live as we like. I’ve always liked sex and I have a high sex drive, so I am just combining business with pleasure. When I came here, I was even looking for a job in the porn industry, ’cause I always wanted to star in these kinds of films.”
“Who are your clients? Are they only single emigrants?”

“Not only. Many of them are married guys who want to experience something they don’t have at home. Men of different ages: both young and adults, and even men in their 60s. I don’t mind who they are as long as they pay. And of course if they want to do it without a condom, they need to pay extra.”

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My interviewees do what they do of their own accord, but there are many cases where women are forced to do these things. “I have seen a lot of such cases at work,” says Ms Krystyna, who has worked many years as a psychotherapist. “Women are deceived, promised a different job, and then they end up in the sex business, which is not easy to get out of. The trauma from such an experience stays with a person for a long time, sometimes for the rest of their life. Usually these are women from poor families who want to live a better life, but that life turns out not to be what they expected. The internet makes it very easy to meet new people. We often use it to look for new opportunities to change our lives, and we tend to trust people who tell us exactly what we want to hear. 

If two people meet on the internet and both parties arrange to provide and receive sexual services, those parties agree as to what they want, then this sort of behaviour – although condemned by many for its dubious morality – does not restrain either of the parties, nor their right to the freedom of choice. However, if someone is deceitfully forced to perform sexual acts, this is classified as an offence. 

Cezary Niewadzisz


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Paulina Markowska

Uwielbia latać na paralotni, czuć wiatr we włosach i patrzeć na świat z dystansu. Fascynuje ją historia Wielkiej Brytanii sięgająca czasów Stonehenge i Ring of Brodgar. W każdej wolnej chwili eksploruje zakątki tego kraju, który nieustannie ją fascynuje. A fascynacją tą ‘zaraża’ też kolegów i koleżanki w redakcji:) Pochodzi z Wrocławia i często tam wraca, jednak prawdziwy dom znalazła na Wyspach i nie wyobraża sobie wyjazdu z tego kraju, dlatego szczególnie bliskie są jej historie imigrantów, Polaków, którzy także w tym kraju znaleźli swój azyl.

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