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Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Again


Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Again


Cyberpunk is arguably the most awaited game of the year, and it has been delayed again. Gamers who have been waiting for it can play slot machines online at a reputed casino, by checking online casinos ranking. But we believe that players deserve an answer to the question of why the game has been delayed, yet again! This post analyses this question in detail and explores various reasons behind this delay. It also introduces the players to many ways in which they can enjoy a quality gaming session at other platforms.

Why Is Everyone Waiting for Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk is being developed by CD Projekt. It is the adoption of a franchise of the same name, and it has been set in a dystopian society of the future. The game map introduces to the players an imaginary city called Night City. It has got the fans excited because of its innovative gameplay and surreal graphics.

The gamers get to build their character from scratch, and hence every choice becomes very important. The central character here is a rogue guy who was left in the roughest parts of the city. It is set to begin as a single-player game, but CD Projekt has agreed to the possibility of developing it into a multiplayer one, with subsequent releases. Just like Witcher, the players are likely to receive multiple free updates, and this has got gamers even more hyped.

Why Delayed Again?

The game was scheduled to be released in April, but the CD Projekt announced that they are pushing the release date to September. Recently, the game’s official twitter handle made an important announcement of pushing the game to the 3rd week of November. The company has given a sort of explanation for its eager fans. “We won’t deliver a product that falls short of being ready. It is ready only when done”. What it means for the players is that the title is not yet in a stage to be delivered all across the globe. This surely does sound disappointing.

However, on the bright side, the players can be happy about the fact that the company is not eager to grab quick cash. They are going to deliver a well-finished version that would do justice to the long wait of the players. In this way, CD Projekt is certainly looking to honour the trust gamers from all over the world have placed in them.

What Should You Do?

Alright. So what can an interested gamer do till then? Well, here is the thing. The internet is full of amazing things to offer, and many times, the best things are completely free. While the players wait for the game of the year, they can enjoy free slot machines, free poker games, and many other online entertainments. These may not be as deep as modern role-playing games, but they do offer quality fun and can ease your mind. With beautiful graphics and top-notch music, they can be a perfect source of entertainment, while you wait for Cyberpunk 2077 to be finally released.


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