4 major steps that can help you succeed in business – part I

It is hard to do business successfully in times of fierce competition in almost any industry with an abundance of development ideas, yet… If you are determined enough, if you know exactly what you want to achieve, and – most of all – if you have the right tools, you can succeed sooner than you might think. We have gathered tips from specialists who have succeeded in the UK, and we are going to present them weekly in "Polish Express".

4 major steps that can help you succeed in business – part I



Utilize your personal potential


Nowadays, it is hard to find a niche where you can easily make big money. Unless your business idea deals with what you truly enjoy and with what you really understand, it is not going to be easy for you. A good idea utilizes your skills and talent to build your brand. Business is to be cherished or treated as your own child. There is no perpetuum mobile-type business, so each business should be well-thought-out from the start. You can do business while pursuing your passion or invest your capital and actively multiply it.

“Yet you should never expect miracles up front, or right at the start. You should still have a purpose though, and strive to accomplish it. And I do not mean the material aspect – I mean creativity, excellence and continued investment in the company’s development" – says Karolina Grzelewska, founder of the Hair-Life Professional brand, licensed trainer and instructor, holder of a Master Craftsman Hairdressing Diploma, and a member of numerous British hairdressing organisations such as National Hairdressing Federation, British Barbers Association, UK Hair Council, and Freelance Hairdressers Association.


Clear vision for development


If you already have a profitable business but you are aware that it is just the beginning, and if you want to systematically reach for more, you are going to need a very clear vision for development. You need to know when and how much to invest in your business, and most of all what you should invest in, so as to ensure long-term benefits and market success. “If you want to succeed, you should not count your profits right away… On the contrary, you should invest, invest, and invest – as much as possible. And you should acknowledge and respect your whole environment, your business environment in particular. A good foundation, reliability and sincere attitude will help you win your customers’ trust”, stresses Karolina Grzelewska, while at the same time reminding us that “success comes with time, you always have to work towards it, though.”


Tailored promotional tools


Contemporarily, it is not only your know-how or technological capacity that can help promote your company. These success factors are available to anyone who has been in a business for a while, and who has clear objectives. Social media and the Internet can mercilessly expose any lack of crucial tools in your company. So, if you want your company to be perceived favourably in all respects, and if you want clients to associate your business with reliability, professionalism and a serious business attitude, you must keep the most important issues in mind.

And what is most crucial is to assure others that you play fair, that you can be trusted, and that you are distinguished by an exceptionally professional attitude towards your offer and dealings. When asked about what can today become the best tool to attest to the exceptionality of your company, Michael Stevenson, Business Relationship Manager says:  "What are we missing nowadays? We are being bombarded from all over by information, offers, advertisements.


Do you run your own business? Get the Trusted Company (UK) certificate!

What should guide us while choosing a provider to ensure that we will not be deceived, on the contrary that we will be guaranteed top quality goods or services, and that it is not going to disappear with our money? Let us always be guided by trust. It is having such serious and solid companies in mind that the TRUSTED COMPANY UK project has been launched. The Trusted Company certificate is not awarded to every company that applies. It is only awarded to those companies whose multistage verification process confirms that they are reliable, respect their clients and contractors, and are fully solvent. This is the most important tool within a free market – tangible and continuously updated, available to all online 24/7".


Adequate investment risk assessment


Once you know that you can reach upwards with no concerns and show your competitors that violating business rules is not for you, and that you leave cheap marketing ruses to companies that count on quick and short-term profit – do not hesitate to jump off the deep end: read, note, follow the experience of those who have proven that they have left the competition in their industries far, far behind.

The Trusted Company Certificate is not only a guarantee of a perfect and legal business – it is also an example for all other companies and enterprises, helping in the fight against pseudo-businesses and companies that are not even officially registered, and whose owners have no grounds for doing business. Financial and formal credibility, and especially a business policy that forms an indispensable foundation, should not be overlooked either. Customer safety and minimised contractor risk are also at the core of a perfect business.

Therefore, all the most important elements are involved in the trust verification process within the TRUST program – says Karolina Grzelewska[I3] , who has already applied to Trusted Company UK and can confirm that with a minor investment she has quickly boosted her company, which she established out of love for hairdressing and people.


Paulina Markowska

Uwielbia latać na paralotni, czuć wiatr we włosach i patrzeć na świat z dystansu. Fascynuje ją historia Wielkiej Brytanii sięgająca czasów Stonehenge i Ring of Brodgar. W każdej wolnej chwili eksploruje zakątki tego kraju, który nieustannie ją fascynuje. A fascynacją tą ‘zaraża’ też kolegów i koleżanki w redakcji:) Pochodzi z Wrocławia i często tam wraca, jednak prawdziwy dom znalazła na Wyspach i nie wyobraża sobie wyjazdu z tego kraju, dlatego szczególnie bliskie są jej historie imigrantów, Polaków, którzy także w tym kraju znaleźli swój azyl.

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